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My Story

A very difficult topic and often asked in many interviews. I initiated the topic with the word difficult as it’s the world’s most complex problem to know a human being. And it took generations for a mankind to have a view for what we are now.

my_childhoodMy Story began with a cold night after Lohri Celebration on some lucky day know to be ‘maaghi’. It was January14,1992 as told by my parents and 12:44 am i entered this so called world-Crying for the reason i don’t know.I was very much blessed with love and affection by my parents.

I feel so glad to remember my childhood moments though,a rough memory of thing i did in my childhood.
I can remember the fun we cousins had all together. Moga, My nanni’s house use to call them biji is one of my favorite place.
She usually taught us all about Sikh religion and was very much religious and kind hearted in personality.She passed away in 2010.We really miss her,memories are everlasting. Her ‘Pinnis‘ which she prepared and sent every winters were the rare that i can’t have them now. I think it takes more than the recipe and a punjabi can well understand this as he is been through this.

School Days, Initial days were fun. Kinder garden student as an innocent child protected by parents from the hard reality of life was always admired by most of us. I too had that by my enrolment into Sacred Heart Convent School. We were all taught the meaning of righteousness and equality. The respect and values that are required to build a great society. As the time passed the competition entered the young blood. As of others I too took the same path of taking a challenge. And like an above average student performed my chores and passed. There was other face as well that added to difficulty. Unlike many pupils,I belonged to a different community not in the eyes of law but by the tag religion. Sikh community(The Great Sikh Religion) had a lot to add to my values. The emphasis was on being truthful and stand against injustice in any case. This was so deep that it can make you stand alone against majority. Probably, this was the reason I could withstand all the discrimination which a Sikh student in general faces to have sustenance. It appears Sikh students still has to pass through various test to comply to it’s  recognition to society. We’ve been taught to help the needy irrespective of what he/she is or was in past. And so I was always a friend to those who have been left or was deprived or being ragged by fellow mates. I believe the strength came from the sacrifices which our guru’s laid for the society. But I have seen lot of mates from my religion loosing themselves and getting manipulated by society. The best learning I could capture is that, to bring a change in you, bring change in your environment so it could help you to be better in situation you desire. This I’d call law of manipulated achievement. This is practised by all the successful people on earth. The explanation would be like you do hard work as you created the environment to fit there. If you are unsuccessful it was not the hard work it was the environment you couldn’t build that can lead you to do work in a desired direction.

Graduation, Life as an engineer . the phase is considered the actual honey moon period on one’s life. Had a new sense of being. College was fun and computers which I was always fond of added the taste of my life. This was the time when I use to roam in big cities of Punjab for new food joints. I opened an unregistered firm and did freelancing business. As the IT was demanded and we had it in our passion. As I learnt a programming language I build apps that could interest my friends and could help office to discard the daily registers. Automation was the first thing I looked up for in an existing system. Last day study and power of listening to intelligent mates was realized at the day before board examination. I’d thank all my angel friends who helped me in my study, day before the examination and the time prior to it. I remember studying on my car’s bonnet an hour before the exam. My friend did the revision and I just listened to her and on the basis of it I wrote my paper and got success. I believe we(I and my friends) were into real stuff while others crammed theoretical knowledge we looked for innovations and that was the reason our teacher from data structures couldn’t help in the algorithms we wanted to build. Our project was not only liked but was also demanded by teachers as it could solve real problems. The Android app for notifying lecture and the schedule was in great demand.

Post Graduation, A step towards mature living. This was the time the door to management skills was knocked to have it on-board. Projects, Presentations and Resource utilization techniques way passed me. And the career path took the growth curve after long time. A move to new city Pune and Symbiosis education far from home did help to bring success. For the first time CCD became my favourite hangout place as ‘a lot can happen over cup of coffee’ did meant something for me.



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