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The Zero LEVEL – How i built ERP from scratch

Hi, So the knowledge gathering process has started. As learnt at college the best practical method to understand operations is to put yourself at the employee place. So started  with my first functional unit i.e. sales. The Sales team is scattered and are deployed in various cities of different states. The project source can be… read more »

An era of learning with Amura Marketing Technologies

So the blog was idle for long time. Time to gear Up. Development had stopped after engineering Now up with management. You’ll be happy to know there are plans to have daily blog post for my internship with a successful digital marketing company Amura. Let me introduce you to the company. Amura Marketing Technology is… read more »

Below are 20 project management proverbs that show you what can go wrong

?You cannot produce a baby in one month by impregnating nine women ?The same work under same conditions will be estimated differently by ten different estimators or by one estimator at ten different times ?The most valuable and least used word in a project manager’s vocabulary is “NO” ?You can con a sucker into committing… read more »

Software Project Management- Assignment

Really glad it is over. Got to learn a lot. Waiting to experience industry. My sincere thanks to Mr. Hiren Malani for having this task assigned to us.

Hifi-Lee New hotspot builder Free Download

Hifi-Lee It is new desktop application built to create hotspot using your wifi and your LAN internet connection on Windows machine. Download Now Click here V1.0   Click here V1.1 updated   In just 2 simple steps Create Wi-Fi hotspot from your LAN.   Step 1. Download and Run the application. Once you hit Start… read more »

How to copy dll from GAC

Simply go to directory in command prompt. cd c:\windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL list all by writing dir copy by writing copy *.dll d:\mypath  

Passkeeper v.0.02 Updated to v.0.1

Lot more to be done in its improvement   still it will be available for use.     Download v0.1 here. OR Download here v0.1. [Require latest .NET version 4.5] “Need internet and you can access it anywhere”  

Quick tips on wearing for an interview

Men Regular formal shirts, preferably in solids (No stripes or Checks) Coordinated and sober colors. Wearing a simple tie adds grace. Belt should be the same color as your shoes. If wearing black or navy blue trousers, wear a black belt, black shoes, and black or navy blue socks A watch is always preferable as… read more »